November 2015
- €œ"*Caregiver* has been very attentive to my wife's needs. She is always on time - in fact she is a little early, which is impressive. She is personable and friendly. She always volunteers to clean house and is very helpful."
- "Great Service! Great Personality!"
- "Couldn'€™t ask for anyone any better. She is all of the above. We both appreciate her and her services. I feel so comfortable going to my classes, shopping or whatever when she is here with *Client*  and he lets her help him when needed. Thanks so much."
- "€œDon'€™t lose this caregiver! He'€™s excellent. Please leave him with me for he understands me and my condition."
- "6 star girl! Wish they were all like *Caregiver*! She is a real winner!"
October 2015
- "*Caregiver* is great. She is professional and loving. We love her laugh and attitude. She is so aware of what needs to be done and does it before we ask."
- "œ*Caregiver* is caring and patient and is willing to do things with a joyful spirit."
- "She is very understanding of what needs to be done and is very good with instructions. She is very willing to help with the needs of my husband and I. When she arrives she knows what needs to be done but will also ask what else we would like her to do."
September 2015
- "We absolutely loved *Caregiver*! She was so kind to my father during his last days! Truly an angel!"
- "œAnother super caregiver- very loving and shows how much she cares for clients. Very special lady."
- "Loved *Caregiver*, she is one of our first caregivers and have had her for a sub several times. She always finds a way to meet my needs."
- "œShe is very sweet, professional and obviously cares about her clients. She is flexible with *client* indecision and comes up with creative ways to engage her in mentally and physically stimulating activities."
- "œWhile we only had the pleasure of having this caregiver for one day so far, we are very pleased with her work. She is an incredibly sweet person and would recommend her to anyone!"
- "œWilling to go the extra mile for me. He's always on time and communication skills are great! Very pleasant and easy going."
- "*Caregiver* is a great man that does great with our son. When needed he does ask questions so that he can better meet our son's needs which is great."
- "œSuper all the way around. Struck gold when you hired her."
- "œShe works very well with *client* and with me and my directions. We are thrilled to have her. She has a great willingness to please others."

Caregiver Reviews by Clients